Household insurance package containing the following sections (that also may be taken out separately):

Building Insurance incl. Glass (for owners of the building) Covers risks like fire, lightning, explosion, storm, water or oil leakage, burglary, vandalism. The rate is 0,1 % of the reconstruction value.

Household Contents Insurance
Covers risks like fire, lightning, explosion, storm, water or oil leakage, precipitation, burglary. The rate is 0,35 % of the insured value for Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht. The rate is 0,29 % for the rest of The Netherlands.

The insured value is the estimated total new value of all household items. Cover is for the cost of repair of damaged articles or replacing them as new (with some exceptions).

Private 3rd party Liability insurance (covering 1.250.000,- per event) Covers the risk that you are held liable for physical or material damage to a third party caused by you, your family members or your pets (liability for driving a motor vehicle is excluded). This cover is included free of charge if one of the above-mentioned sections is insured for a premium of at least 100,- per annum

Minimum premium for this Household package is 100,- per year (excl. policy fee 8,- and insurance tax of 7,5 %).

Additional cover:

Valuables / All Risks insurance:
Offers worldwide cover for valuable items that are frequently taken out of the house, like musical instruments, watches, cameras, jewellery, etc. All items must be specified with their values; for expensive items an appraisal is required (computer equipment or cell phones are not accepted). The rate for this cover is 2,5 %. For this section the minimum premium is 100,- per year. The deductible (own risk) is 200,- per event.
New York
Los Angeles