All cars registered in The Netherlands must be insured for Third party liability (W.A.) The liability insurance covers one specific car per policy with a main driver and second driver; other drivers are also covered if they have permission from the car owner and have a driving licence that is valid in The Netherlands.

When you import a car you have to obtain Dutch licence plates. In most cases we can arrange cover for the time between applying for these plates and the final assignation by RDW.

Apart from the compulsory 3rd party liability cover it is important (for new cars and cars with a high current value) to get Fully Comprehensive cover (Casco, All Risks). This covers damage to your own car caused by collision, accident and other external causes.

For cars with a lower current value there is Restricted cover (Beperkt Casco). This covers damage caused by fire, explosion, theft, burglary, joy-riding, storm and car glass.

The premium depends on the car details (make, type, age, original list value, empty weight, etc.), personal details of the main driver (full address, age), the no-claim history of the main driver (no-claim statement from previous insurer to be submitted within 6 weeks after starting date) and in some cases also the no-claim history of the second driver.

Our quotation will be given as soon as you provide us with the information mentioned above.

We can arrange provisional cover for one or two weeks from the day of purchase. Final cover is made by insurers based on the completed application form that should reach us within 1 or 2 weeks from date of purchase.
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