You are coming to The Netherlands !!
To study here, to do a work placement with a Dutch company or University. Or for instance to follow a language course. Also for people who will be coming to The Netherlands as au-pair.

Who can take out this insurance
If you are a foreign student or au pair and are under the age of 30. You can insure only 1 person per policy (In all other cases we offer the Global Visitor insurance).

What can be insured
  • Medical costs (including cover for war and kindred risk)
  • SOS (including cover for war and kindred risk)
  • Insurance package (travel, home contents, accident, legal assistance and liability)

Insurance package
With the insurance package we offer you a travel, home contents, accident, legal assistance and liability insurance for a premium of euro 180,00 per year (excl. Euro 5,63 insurance premium tax). This is only euro 0,51 per day !

Duration of insurance
You can close the insurance for a period of a maximum of 5 years. This also counts when you already reached 29 years of age. In case you return home early or if you want to terminate the policy for another reason, this can be easily done by sending us an email, fax or letter. Your insurance can be terminated immediately. We will refund already paid premium.

Cover area
Your insurance gives cover in The Netherlands. During intermediate stay abroad, for instance for a holiday or family visit, you have cover there during a maximum of 30 days.

Dutch Health Insurance
Dependent on what country you are from and if you are going to work next to your studies or differently from your work as an au-pair, you either do or donít have a Dutch Health Insurance. When you exclusively come for your studies to The Netherlands, you are in any case not entitled to the Dutch Health Insurance. If after all it proves to be possible for you to take out the Dutch Health Insurance, you can easily terminate your Young Global Traveler insurance.

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