This insurance is mainly for persons with a non-Dutch nationality, persons with the Dutch nationality can apply but only if they are living abroad (It is not for Dutch people who are migrating back).

If you are living abroad and are coming to The Netherlands for a short period of time, or you are waiting for a residence permit you want to be well insured in case of an accident or sudden illness.

After receiving your residence permit you can cancel your policy with OOM, just send the request together with a copy of the residence permit to them. You will then receive a refund.

You can also take out the Global Visitor for business relations or trainees from abroad who visit you temporarily. Bear in mind that you can be held liable for the medical costs of your guests if they have no insurance.

The Global Visitor insurance offers you an appropriate solution, whether youíre coming to The Netherlands for a family visit, holiday, a reunification of family/partner or for temporary work.

Duration of insurance:
The duration of the insurance depends on your age.

  • If you are younger than 70 years, you can close the insurance for a period of 12 month maximum. Own risk per insurance period is euro 75,00
  • If you are between 70 and 79 years old, the maximum period of insurance is 6 months. Own risk per insurance period is euro 150,00
  • From the age of 80, the maxium period of insurance is 3 months. Own risk per insurance period is euro 300,00

Itís important that you effect the insurance for the correct period of time as it is not possible to extend the insurance. After termination of the insurance, you can apply for a new insurance if necessary. Be aware that on the new inception date all ailments and complaints than existing are excluded (see below). This also means any medical assistance for which you have received compensation during the first insurance period.

Exclusion of pre-existing ailments and complaints
Please note that complaints and ailments that already existed on or prior to the inception date of the insurance are not insured and will not qualify for compensation. This does not only concern ailments and/or complaints which you are aware of but also ailments and/or complaints that already existed but were not known to you.

Premium :
  • Age up to and including 69 year: Ä 1,90 per day
  • From 70 up till and including 79 year: Ä 8,00 per day
  • From the age of 80: Ä 16,00 per day
The minimum premium amounts to euro 25,00 (including policy costs) per policy.

It is not possible to pay by instalments. Because itís a short term insurance, the premium for the entire insurance period has to be paid in advance.

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